7 Tips to Win Every Game in 2022

7 Tips to Win Every Game in 2022

Using your quick wits and strategic mind, you’ve managed to win every game you’ve ever played. You play chess, cards, and video games—sometimes all at once—and have the skills to win in each one of those arenas. From speed chess to poker and from Call of Duty to Wii Tennis, you know how to win every game. But if you want to keep winning, these 7 tips will help you do it every time. By learning how to breathe properly and staying calm, focused, and aware of your surroundings, you can keep that win streak going as long as you want!

1) Expect to Win

Expecting to win has a powerful effect on your performance. When you expect to win, you take a more assertive approach and set yourself up for success. If you assume that you’ll lose, then your negative expectation will work against you—causing doubt and uncertainty and sapping your confidence. Expect to win, remain calm, and fight like a warrior; in all likelihood, that’s what it’ll take!

2) Take 5 Breaths in Between Moves

When you play a game, especially competitively, being able to keep your cool is key. While breathing may seem like a simple way to keep calm and collected, there’s actually some science behind it: When we’re upset or anxious, our breathing becomes erratic and stressed.

3) Use Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises will help you keep your cool and stay under control, so every decision you make is one that adds value to your overall game. A few moments of deep breathing can give you a momentary reprieve from outside distractions, allowing you to refocus on what’s going on in front of you. Take a deep breath when you are about to play or about to make an important decision in your game. You’ll soon find yourself making better choices and walking away with more wins.

4) Work on Your Hand-Eye Coordination

The key to winning every game isn’t just about quickness and reaction time, it’s also about coordination. Hand-eye coordination is important for success in many areas of life, but especially on a gaming console or playing board games. If you want to win every game of Uno, for example, you need to be able to keep track of where cards are on your side of the table.

5) Study Game Charts

The first step in winning every game is knowing how it’s played. Make a habit of studying and following game charts, as well as asking others for advice, in order to fully grasp any given sport. Once you’ve mastered its mechanics, take a moment to remind yourself that it’s just a game—and play with confidence. Remember: If you want to win every game, you have to stay focused on playing your best.

6) Don’t Fear Practice

Game of Warriors, Game Nerdz, or Win Every Game is no joke. Though everyone fears failure, most people don’t realize how much it can hinder them from actually winning a game. Most games require quick reflexes and quick thinking so in order to win a game, one must be calm, controlled, and coordinated in their action.

7) Maintain a Winning Mindset

A Game of Warriors, Not Gamers: The chess player who quits because he loses one game never becomes a grandmaster. But even if you don’t think of yourself as a chess master (or you’re not even into chess), know that keeping a cool head is key to success in all games. Anyone can be a gamer; only true warriors have what it takes to keep their composure and get on top, time and time again.

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