Are you an active student? Best Guide 2022

Are you an active student? Best Guide 2022

Are you an active student? Are you? Do you want to be? If not, then it’s high time that you become one because what’s the point of being in a class if you aren’t really learning anything? In order to be an active student, you need to focus on two things; the material and your fellow students.

How to make students active in class

Instructors can mark a class as Active or Archived, but by default, all classes are set to Archived. Instructors who have not yet done so should change their course settings to Active so that students will be able to see and respond to feedback in their class. Instructors will no longer be able to adjust feedback after they have marked their class as Active; feedback is automatically locked when a class is set to Active.

What is an active classroom?

An active classroom has students that are taking a course. There are multiple different ways to see if your class is an active classroom. First, look at your dashboard and click on the course. If there is a green light next to Enrollment, then it means you have students in your class that is registered in at least one discussion. The next way to tell if your class is an active classroom is by looking at discussions.

What are active students?

Students in classes that are not archived will be considered active students. Students in archived classes cannot see any feedback or interact with it. Some teachers choose to archive their class when a new semester begins, while others choose to archive after they have closed their class for good. If you see your teacher’s name next to your class on Canvas, then that means it is still open and available for viewing.

Why are active students important?

Active students are important because they are a part of a class that is not archived. If they are in an archived class they will no longer be considered active students. Students in an archived class can still see all their feedback, but cannot interact with it. They will also only have access to viewing and downloading documents when logged into course smart tools.

Active Student’s Guide to Success

In life, sometimes things just aren’t going to go your way. That’s okay! The important thing is how you react and move forward. In every situation, there are steps that can be taken to ensure success in life; with a little determination and grit, it’s possible to turn anything around for yourself.

Becoming an Active Student

Being an active student is not about getting good grades, it’s about taking full advantage of all your classes. Here are ten tips to help you become an active student.

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