Best examples of reasonable adjustments in the workplace

It could be your maiden job or the first job after a career change. A new professional working atmosphere is indeed a difficult set of circumstances, if not an ordeal. You will be in the midst of people who perhaps have been together for years. They would have evolved their own work ethos and values.

Besides having a shared awareness and judgment, they would also have formulated common working procedures. Being new, you can feel rather isolated, self-conscious, and even gauche. But it does not necessarily imply that you have to be so.

You can initiate various actions, irrespective of the fact whether you are a novice in the world of work or the specific field that you are engaged in. You could also be new in the company or department. Amongst various things that you may be willing to experiment with, the following actions will be of great help: Have practical hopes & demonstrate a

determined outlook: People who take up new jobs, particularly those in senior roles generally assume that others will hold them in esteem on account of their experience and qualifications. That amounts to being presumptuous. You cannot go into a new job with such expectations. It is possible that your team has been afflicted by a downbeat, non-cooperative, and detached ethos.

When you personify a dogged approach, it will get rejuvenated and revived. You must try to identify if their resolution has been deficient and if so, you should find a new line of action based on your ingenuity.

Be bold to communicate your thoughts: If you harbor apprehensions with regard to sharing your ideas and thoughts, people will never get to know you. In fact, it could be detrimental to your long-term interests. At the same time, it calls for some caution in that you should not impose yourself excessively you should focus on discussion instead.

When people get into a job, they are initially reluctant to share their thoughts, little realizing that this could lead to letting opportunities pass. Moreover, if your idea happens to be an ideal solution and you hold it back, your team’s interests could be impaired.

Be respectful to & collaborate with everybody: It is necessary that you handle everybody with fairness and reverence. You cannot afford to be selective – being respectful to your boss only will not stand you in good stead. Remember that if you indulge in good things when your boss is watching you, others will understand matters and get upset fast. You will be able to earn a lot of respect when you help others at work.

It is likely that your entire team could be overburdened or outstretched and requires guidance. You need to come forward to steer them out of difficult situations. It is necessary for you to work well with others.. When you demonstrate team spirit, others also get motivated, as a result of which, greater team cohesiveness is achieved. All of you start working in harmony and attain your collective objectives with ease.

Remember that every person wants credit, regardless of the source from which it comes. Therefore, if a co-worker is adept at doing something, you must congratulate him appropriately. Likewise, if somebody comes forward to help you, his or her contributions should be acknowledged.

Don’t sensationalize things but be a problem solver: The very efforts that go in to establish yourself as a new entrant can be rather nerve-wracking. And getting to know about the existing work culture, procedures and tasks can be equally demanding. You should exercise utmost restraint in blowing up things.

You should, at all times be optimistic and ensure that none of your actions can bring you or your team getting viewed in poor light. You also need to be aware of problems plaguing your team as such. This implies discerning issues related to work or a project that people do not like. You will have to think of ways and means of making things improve.

It is possible that you focus on aspects that have not been thought of till now or what others felt that has not been paid attention to. Your endeavor should be to ease out things for others.

Make efforts to foster associations: Relationships within an organization are important, particularly for new professionals. You need to transcend beyond your division or team and ensure that you network with maximum employees of other departments as well.

There are other participants at work like heads of other verticals, clients, and suppliers you will need to establish good relationships with them as well. Fact that you cannot prognosticate when the company will open up new prospects, it is essential that others know you well so that you can be thought of at the correct time for an opportunity that is your cup of tea.

Remember that life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations. And your happiness can spring from some curious adjustment. So be accommodative & adjusting at your workplace.

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