Best tips before starting your career in Human resource management

Today’s article will be about Human Resource management ok now I am not sure how many of you know that I am an hourglass professional I have about 15 years experience in Human Resource management so with whom am I going to share with you all are my hour-long career journey like how I started within a career which helped me to choose a career as a career what are struggles what I did right what I did wrong uh have I done my MBA or not I have not done my MBA so I am going to share this all with you, I am going to make this article in parts like first part second part third part because I don’t think I will be able to cover every aspect of hour one The article is ok so let’s start.

so I will tell you how I started my career ok so I am a commerce graduate I graduated in the year 2006. I know it’s like so many years ago, during that time honestly I wanted to make money that was my only goal so I joined Hour Consulting so I joined there and uh because I thought I was fine Know that I cleared the interview because my communication was fine, my English language was fine and I cleared the interview.

So you know my journey from there started in hours ok I got to know how job portals work how clients find the requirement how to recruit doesn’t happen completely you know the recruiting side of talent acquisition nature but in terms of basic education basic entry-level education uh I understand how do you know the source what do you say how to source a candidate through the portal what is advanced.

Search how many portals are there how to do job posting and slowly I think I worked with nature consultancy job for one year and then I did so many travels incorporate so what I did was four or five years Happened after the experience I didn’t do MBA now this was the biggest mistake I heard what I am trying to tell you the mistake I made is that I did MBA for certificate not for degree That someone lived for and it was one of the biggest mistakes I saw.

I think most of us do and I somehow passed the exam, I also got a certificate but it didn’t add any value to me to the university where I enrolled myself. An MBA degree was not a well-known university, let’s call it again a normal university, in which any Tom Dick in Harry can do an MBA and get a certificate.

so I enrolled myself in the same university and did my MBA so friends let me tell you one thing very clearly if you want to do MBA then do it from some reputed institute where you going to get some knowledge, well Because if you’re going to do it for a certificate like how I did it’s not going to use any damn ok, it’s not going to add value in any way.

it’s only going to hurt your pocket or put a hole in your pocket so thankfully I know I took a lot of breaks in between I did what I want to do again I joined in so There was no clear career goal for me, no clear AR structure for me and that was the second mistake I made. I was blessed to get a job in the early stage of my career.

I took too many breaks in the middle don’t know do you know I was taking it too lightly to plan my career so all these mistakes took me a while to get to where I might punch So it is very important to plan your career or in any field, it is very important to plan your career I am not saying that there is a long term plan.

but you are clear about what you want to do [music] so that was the other mistake I did another thing I want to do now Human Resource management is a very amazing amazing job ok now what is Human Resource management if you original If you want to know form then I will tell you that it is people managing employees in an organization so if you manage them well.

so they will help to achieve the business goal ok so you need to train them you need to recruit them because everywhere we need people ok and this People management is about yes yes and you are the mediator between management and employees, so imagine the kind of stress you go through.

leave this aside for personal reasoning ok so there are different branches to Human Resource management recruitment talent position management then ok learning and development ok then organization development so there are so many different ones you can see in Human Resource management know so that you can be a specialist recruitment specialist because I have been working for the last 15 years, yes, so in some other parts also I has worked but if you ask me, you know specialized recruiting is my specialty talent acquisition is my specialty so I am saying that Human Resource management has different verticals of branches and there are some people who Human Resource management is called Journalist Specialist.

So you need to decide what you want to do, what you want to do, you want to be a journalist, you want to be a talent. To become a training manager you want to be a hiring manager, you need to understand how you will make decisions by exploring all these things until you work or you yourself experience that you know that I’m going to like it I think I’m good at it until you have a beautiful experience.

you will never understand what you are good at and what are your likes and what you are leaning towards ok so this is very important it’s ok for you to try to fix things so guys uh one more thing it’s just a random video this is not a scripted video I thought I should make a video so I am speaking straight from my heart so there may be a subject matter that may happen here and there.

so please adjust it properly so the next video I am going to make for the next topic is going to be a bit systematic I am going to tell you what are the different branches of the hour what are the courses you can do in it Want expertise what is the job profile of that particular role that I am going to share with you, ok I think I am sharing this video I will tell you what I am currently doing.

I am a travel-based company working with um as an Human Resource management manager I am handling recruitment for them I am happy I do not know you I am very grateful for where I am but I feel that somewhere I I guess other areas of the hour should be explored as well because um see people don’t understand when you watch people assume you know as an hour you should know everything and that’s true You should have knowledge of everything like the gratitude sutra I am saying just because.

because I am into you it is very important to understand your subject you love your subject and if you love your subject if you love what you are doing then you will obviously be more inclined towards learning it, Learn how to be a master of that subject, that’s what I wanted to say in this video uh I think I shared what I said not sure if I missed anything.

But guys if you have any queries, if you want to ask me any specific question on Human Resource management or if you want to become an Human Resource management manager or executive, if you want to advance your career resource please leave a comment I am sure I will answer it and thank you very much for reading the article guys have a nice day.

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