Best ways to convince others

Some Effective Ways to Convince Others

Some Effective Ways to Convince Others: – Today, here you are going to learn about some very effective ways to convince others. Convincing someone or persuading someone is a difficult task. Knowing the ways to convince others is going to help you build your business at a different level and also your personal relationships. So, today you will be learning some very useful tips to convince someone around you either in your office, school, college, and family. Now, without wasting much time let’s move ahead and learn some good things.


Well, according to me the meaning of convincing is “The ability to attain someone’s trust is known to be convincing”. To convince anyone doesn’t need to do arm-wrestling, as the only requirement is the confidence and the knowledge about the subject you are talking about.

How to convince others (Top 10 Ways)
Be sure of what you want to say: -While convincing someone you need to have clarity of the things you are talking about. Until and unless you aren’t sure of what you are talking about, it will be an impossible task for you to convince anyone.

Listen Carefully: – Persuading someone is not just all about putting our points, rather it’s about having the viewpoints of others also as to why and how they are right. The necessary required thing while convincing anyone is that to listen to the other person what he/she wants to say or saying.

Right attitude: – Well, if you want to win half of the battle of convincing someone then you must represent yourself as a reliable person. To gain the trust of someone becomes easy for a reliable person and also it helps a lot in the whole convincing process. All you need is the proper knowledge about the subject you are talking about and the right attitude.

Be confident: – Being confident is really helpful all the time either you are persuading someone in your office, school, or college. Always use a firm tone when placing your ideas while convincing. If you really want to win the battle then act as an expert in the subject you are persuading by setting up good examples and good reasoning.

Set a live example of yourself: – Setting up real-life examples is really good and helpful in persuading anyone. If you are persuading anyone to do anything then instead of just talking, you should set a living live example of yourself. Your action should inspire them to follow you.

Stay calm: – Sometimes, it may happen that you will have to convince someone who is elder to you either your parent, brother, sister, friend or some colleague in the office. At that time it becomes difficult to convince them because somewhere one thing kept in mind is that they are senior to us. If they didn’t get convinced by you then ever don’t worry about it, just stay calm during the conversation.

Eye-contact: – Making eye contact is really helpful at every place either you are persuading anyone, in job interviews or incorporate as it shows your confidence level. Not making eye contact is a sign of nervousness. Keeping eye contact can be a great source to show your confidence level. So, always try to keep eye contact with others and be a confident person in life. One more thing to be taken care of is that if the other person is speaking then don’t interrupt in between rather just listen to him carefully.

Respect all: – Now the time, it’s easy to earn money as compared to that of earning respect. If you want to be a reliable person then you must have the quality of respecting others either they are elder to you or younger to you. A person who respects everyone is always liked by everyone. Well, it doesn’t matter how many good qualities you are having until and unless you are having the quality of respecting others. And also it becomes impossible to convince them.

Be flexible: – Well, flexible doesn’t mean that you should be like gymnastic or should have a flexible physical body ;). Flexible here stands for the nature by which you can mold yourself according to the situation. As far as the persuading process is a concern, you should be able to mold your debate or discussion according to the person whom you are talking to.

Act like a successful person: – While you are persuading someone in any subject then always act as an expert in that subject with the proper knowledge. Always act like a successful person in that particular subject but that doesn’t mean that you lie to the other person rather be truthful. One of the signs of a successful person is his dressing appearance.

So, these were some of the very effective best ways to convince others. If you are having any more ways to convince others which I haven’t included here in the Top 10 Useful Tips to Convince Other Effectively then don’t forget to share it with us via the comment box below or the contact form.

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