Best Ways to Talk With Stranger Girl and Turn into Friend

Best Ways to Talk With Stranger Girl and Turn into Friend

Remember That Every Good Friend Was Once A Stranger

Start with the magical word “Hi”
Whenever you are trying to start any conversation with some stranger or someone know then start with the magical word “Hi”.

Tolerate being rejected
If someone rejects you then don’t worry about it as it is not about you, it is all about the mentality where they are at. Never ever don’t take such rejections very personally. Tolerate all such things.

Don’t mind too much
It is your life and you have the right to talk with the person you want to talk to and also the person you don’t want. Don’t mind the things like what the stranger will think about you.

Listen first
Whenever it comes to small talks than listening is equally important as speaking is. Whenever you have some meeting with someone new person then listen first and then speak.

Stay updated
Whenever you want to start a conversation with any stranger then-current events are the best method to start with. So, stay updated with the current events that are being happened around you.

Learn from each conversation
With each conversation that you had or have in your future, you can expand your knowledge about the new culture and the tradition from that conversation. Also along with that, it will help you in raising your personal experience to talk with strangers.

Never overshare
Don’t get over personal while talking with some stranger and don’t share your most private secrets like love affairs, family disputes, and all such things. It may be possible that you will never see that person again. Might be, a person can make you harm by your over-sharing details and secrets.

Find out their passion
If you are unable to find out the topics to continue your conversation then just try to find out the passion of that stranger within the conversation and start continuing that particular topic by asking questions about that.

Talk about them
When you are talking with some stranger than know their field of interest, know their opinion and ideas on some topic as what are their views about that and what you think about them. Talk about their field of interest.

Make them laugh
Make your conversation full of fun and joy. This will not let you and the stranger too get bored. Don’t take anything very seriously. Just have fun and make each other laugh with your conversation.

Practice and practice
I am sure that you would have heard this line many times that the “practice makes a man perfect”. Yeah, it’s true. Having a conversation with some stranger for the first time can make you feel awkward and aggressive but don’t worry about it. Just stand in front of the mirror and practice.

Have fear? Do it anyway
If you have any kind of fear in you then do that thing first. It sounds shocking but it’s that fact. You can’t overcome your fears till you face it confidently. So, face all fears that you have.

A smile always gives a good impression to the other person. While having a conversation with anyone either an interview, meeting with friends or any person, don’t ever lose your precious smile.

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