Colleges gaining relative in respect to education

Making the right decision in choosing the engineering college that you would want to pursue is not an easy task always. Graduating from a regular engineering college does not seem to be much advantageous when you get admission via payment seat.

While making the choice between IITs vs Private Engineering Colleges, there is no beating to the Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs), which is our country’s best institution for technical education.

The private colleges also offer interdisciplinary learning that can provide access to the students imparting them more knowledge. The teaching and learning methods are so comprehensive where students get a deeper understanding of their relevant field.

Startup colleges today are offering learning and quality education that comes with better quality. Identify the outset between the two poles where some distinguished points are suggested below.


The University Grants Commission chairperson has recently stated that IITs are emerging to be a glorified engineering college where he emphasized the importance of the universities because they have come forward in bringing up a major chunk of students to the next level.

However, the trend is being changed today where students from lower profile colleges are creating a revolution in the global market today with new inventions and bringing up better technologies. This comparison between IITs vs Private Engineering Colleges is an ongoing process because not all the tech company founders are from IITs.

Identifying the right choice

There are numerous numbers of colleges coming up today where students gain more options to complete their academic stream. Choosing the right college can offer the students the right way of learning and driving options.

However, there are many colleges, which can teach you a whole lot about technology alone and nothing basic. Proper distinguish should be made while carrying out the selection because many students will not be able to adapt to the surrounding with higher institutes where private colleges will hold good for them.

Relate with the future benefits

Spend a lot of time while doing this research because you get to know a better understanding about private colleges too. Compared with IITs, many private colleges are shining up equal with them where you get disciplined career earnings.

They even arrange for workshops and conferences enhancing the students where they invite guests to give up special seminars too. Any college that you choose should give you some long-term benefit ultimately because every student strives only for a better life. Though not everyone can get into the IITs, there are promising futures with private colleges too.

Progressing at each stage

The high-tech with IITs can enable one to gain more exposure where the curriculum is flexible. These top colleges come with exceptions because they teach you a lot and encourage you in submitting various research proposals too.

Other colleges have started with the same process where they focus on creating better library facilities for their students with internet bandwidth and bringing in industry interaction in terms of project research and other proposals. Thus, you must be capable enough to identify the place where you have a better scope to highlight your talents where a feel of dumbness should not be evoked after graduating.

Transition to a better process

There are lakhs of students who appear for the IIT-JEE exam every year. IIT JEE is the entrance test for admissions into the IITs. However, only thousands of students could make it through. The quality education in IITs and private colleges may vary but assured placement is done in certain colleges where the college management gives higher rewards to students who come up with journals and other publications.

They even fund research projects that you carry out. In addition, a recent study has stated that the founders of tech companies are more preferably from smaller universities where only a handful was from IITs.

The chart indicates the salary status of a normal IIT passed out. However, the trend is varying now where even non-IITs receive the same amount of salary today.

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