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Google Certified Coaching Program

UEN Homeroom is pleased to welcome Amanda Del Balso, Manager of the Google Certified Coaching Program, and Chris Leighty, an Instructional Coach from Oklahoma. Our conversation centered around the new Google Certified Coaching Program and how it can help improve classroom instruction. As part of the conversation we discussed how coaching provides teachers with the support they need, the role Google can play to help educators, and we learned about the Google Certified Coaching curriculum.

Become Google Certified

Google Certified Educator Level One

Demonstrate your mastery of Google tools in your classroom with the Educator Level 1 Certification.

Google Certified Educator Level Two
Validate your expertise and advanced technology integration skills with the Educator Level 2 Certification.

Google Certified Coach
The Certified Coach program empowers instructional coaches to work 1:1 with educators and drive impactful technology use in their schools.

Google Certified Trainer
Certified Trainers empower educators to learn and use Google for Education products to make their classrooms more efficient, improve student outcomes, and foster leadership skills.

Google Certified Innovator
Join a global community of passionate educators who use technology to solve big challenges and advocate for impactful use of Google tools.

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