How do beginner bloggers make money?

Blogging is one of the successful ways to make money online; it is an effective method to start a business on the Internet, and it really costs a small amount of money that everyone can afford to start up, and it can certainly bring you a considerable income that will keep on coming even on the time that you don’t update your blog, but first, you should build a loyal and trustful readership, this requires you to present useful content in your blog so you will leave a good impression to every new visitor who will be willing to return to your blog again. Then you should know how to monetize your blog to earn some money from it.

Which is better Blogger or WordPress?

But how can you set up your own blog? This is the first question to ask. WordPress is the most recommended, most bloggers use it, also Blogger is one of the alternative ways or another free site to host your blog. But it is better to set up your blog using your own domain name.

So to make real income online from blogging, you should have utter control over your blog, which can’t be reached using free blogging accounts. You will have to abide by their terms and conditions that won’t allow you to promote anything in an active effective way. So many people have their blogs removed without any notification after a while.

The domain name will cost little money to buy it, as well as the webserver that will host your blog; however, there is no comparison with the benefits can be achieved, few dollars every year with absolute freedom and control over your blog in return.

When you are ready to set up your blog you should consider the appearance of it, good theme is essential for your blog, thousands of themes are available on the net, with a good search on Google you will find what is better for your topic, or that you might like its look.

How do I choose a blog topic?

After establishing your own blog it is important what you are going to blog about, at this point you have a whole world of topics to think of, some people blog about their own experiences in life, some of them write about troubles they face every day in their jobs, some people blog about their families, kids and how to be a good husband or wife, others talk about fashion and celebrities, some of them blog about politics or finance. There is an unlimited number of topics to blog about.

But it needs you to be passionate about what you are going to blog about, as you are going to write in concern of a specific topic several times a week and that requires you to be enthusiastic and willing for it, if not, that will appear in your posts and will reflect negatively on your readers and they will be no more interested to return to your blog.

How many words should an article be for SEO?

Now after getting your subject you should start writing your posts, it is significant to post regular articles at the beginning, so when a visitor reads an article he will return for more information. Moreover, the length of the post should be 400 to 500 words or more, with a lot of information which makes it good. Some people only write few paragraphs each time while others write thousands of words which can be called an e-book.

Some blogs have short post entries on the home page which leads to longer articles; such format is very good as it highlights a lot of posts for readers to click through to read which they like more.

When we consider blogging, there are no specific rules to be bound of, with time you will find what is better for you, and you will find your charisma and personality coming through your writing, it is a characteristic feature of blogging. As a personal account of an individual’s life and expertise, your blog is a means to show people how do you think, and how much you are good in your field. Later, with good effort and content on your blog, you will get a trusting and loyal audience.

Now you have your blog launched and running on the net and you are posting on it regularly. Then you need to bring visitors who are interested in its topics.

There are different ways to do so, some ways are absolutely free, and no money should be paid, one of the effective ways is submitting your blog to social bookmarking sites, and they are a lot. Also, you can join social networking sites and build your own profile, and put a link to your blog there.

Another way for no-cost traffic is writing free articles for article directories with a link to your blog, so anyone who reads that article will follow the link for more information. Furthermore, you can exploit Internet forums by creating signatures at the end of every post you put there; you can also do that with emails you send out. As we see, you can bring a lot of traffic without having to pay a single penny, as traffic is essential for the success of your blog.

How does Blogger qualify for AdSense?

The next step after getting good traffic is monetizing your blog; you can generate some good money from all visits you will get every day, so many ways are out there for you to start with. One of the famous and well-known methods is Google Adsense, and it is absolutely free to join it, all you need is to locate their contextual ads in your blog posts, which your visitors would be interested in and click through.

You can also get paid for posting articles on a specific subject in your blog, some websites pay for such services. For instance, Pay Per Post and Review Me are two examples. They will pay a sum of money for reviewing their products and websites. In the same way, you can recommend other people’s products using affiliate links inserted into your blog posts, so anybody who buys through you will earn you a commission of the purchase.

Another money-making way is to offer ad spaces on your blog, and charge fees for that, which vary according to the positions of these spaces. But first, you will need to get your blog more established with a good traffic stream that tempts advertisers to pay for it.

We are going to get into more details of how to bring traffic to your blog later and outlay the useful tactics to manage that.

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