How does fear prevent career success? | How to get out of it

How does fear prevent career success?

Different types of apprehensions afflict people differently in their careers. The major ones however, pertain to the following issues:

Bungling & mismanagement: If you suffer feelings of fear related to not being able to come up to the expectations of your boss or not being able to do things well, you will surely find it difficult dealing with them.

However, if you are determined to not allow such fears to take roots and impact your efficiency, the possibility of doing well has more chances.

A large majority of people grow up in their careers slowly and steadily and without giving up on efforts to always achieve success.

People do get afflicted by negative feelings and that is why people tend to not take risks they generally find it comfortable to adopt a middle course.

But the truth is that all fears of bungling and mismanagement invariably tend to retard you and make your dreams to do well in your career impracticable.

If you botch up, there will be adverse implications alright but will actually be some sort of temporary modifications to your career path.

It should be remembered that failures are learning experiences and hence should be viewed as stepping stones to success.

In the context of your career, it is your fear of bungling and mismanagement that holds you back from ‘applying for a job and even when you are in one, you are prevented by them to take initiative and come into limelight.

In order to overcome such apprehensions, you should try to envision different results both positive and negative.

Visualizing adverse outcomes do not make you a pessimist; on the contrary such visualizations helps you to not be surprised at unexpected turn of events. You thus do not suffer any regret.

Buckling under & abandoning: When people view unfavorably if you give up on your efforts after considering things holistically, they do not understand that such moves could be intelligent steps.

There is no harm in quitting if you understand that the task per se has an inherent drop and that the final outcome will not have much re percussions.

Most of us harbor this feeling that if you have been through with something for long, it needs to be completed, come what may.

However, if you feel that you do not stand much chances to succeed, you will certainly realize that wasting time on such tasks is just not advisable.

Considering all this, there is no requirement to persist with things that have chances of failure or that do not hold out any interest to you.

Let not the angst of abandoning things midway be a matter of concern at all. A step back will always stand you in good stead.

Inaptitude to be perfect: In our over enthusiasm to attain success, we generally make extra efforts to make certain that we do not err anywhere.

We always strive to be perfect in all out actions; whether we achieve perfection or not is a different matter.

Subscribing to a zero error syndrome has its own disadvantages. Therefore, if you free yourself of all yearnings to be flawless and instead impel yourself to move ahead in your life and career, your zeal and dynamism will increase.

You will become more venturesome and enterprising and realize that taking a short step forward is much better than standing still or stagnating. It is necessary that you understand that perfectionism and excellence are not synonymous.

The fact is that perfectionism is all about good attainments and progress and that it is nothing but a screen that serves to block your way ahead.

Therefore, you should never ever let your inability or inaptitude to be perfect become an alibi for not doing anything.

Apprehensions in any form will sabotage your thought process and initiative. They will give rise to feelings of uncertainty and hold you back.

Therefore, you make all out efforts to ensure that you do not allow your fears and apprehensions subdue your personality.

Even if you end up botching, so what? The most significant battle in your life is the battle between spirited courage and fright. And in this battle, there cannot be more than one victors; the only champion has to be you and you alone.

But if you succumb to your fears and apprehensions, the most trivial issue will appear like a monumental problem. You need to guard against all such tendencies and move ahead with boldness.

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