How to don’t let restrain your career success

How to don’t let restrain your career success

Of all the corporate business functions that rely on professionally advanced credentials for rapid growth and development, none is possibly as prevalent in the global job market as IT certification. In fact, professional certifications in various IT domains have marked some compensation packages in this decade, while educational qualifications have taken a backseat.

Many of the existing IT certifications are product and platform specific, while some of them are heavily practiced and process based on the latest and fastest-acquiring systems and processes. Ultimately this means that almost every IT professional in today’s world needs to obtain a professional certification above and beyond their academic qualifications, some of which are now being taken backwards.

Here’s a quick look at why professional certification will generally enhance an IT career, as well as a look at what are the most in-demand domains and tasks in IT that will require fast-growing career candidates to become certified .

Technical Proficiency Verification

Being proficient in a particular technology or vendor specific platform does not come under the purview of an average academic degree. While experts agree that academic qualifications are necessary to lay a foundation for programming and related IT knowledge, it is not sufficient in today’s world of fast-moving technologies and specialized technology domains, whether in enterprise resource planning applications or even that web development technologies.

Many specialized IT product platforms, for example, Microsoft or Amazon Cloud Technologies, require a professional to have IT certification in their respective products, even to apply for jobs in those particular technologies. . Networking is another example, where Cisco has been a globally accepted standard for over a decade now.

Continuous Skill Upgradation

Another important reason why IT certifications are important for career advancement in various fields is the need for continuous skill up-gradation on the part of the IT professional to keep updated with new versions and new technologies in their areas of expertise.

A particular IT certification in a technology does not have a long life span and most IT careers require constant testing and renewal to qualify for new technologies. It brings about continuous skill up-gradation in the professional, thereby also ensuring the employer that the candidate is abreast of the latest in skills and technology knowledge – for employers looking for certified professionals and for those looking for fast-growing IT careers an obvious choice.

Knowledge Upgradation

Being part of a high performing, committed and serious professional community is a major part of the overall value addition that an IT certified professional ultimately has. Entire online communities, forums and boards are created by certified professionals who share their knowledge, updates, challenges and opinions on technologies.

It should also be remembered that these companies are becoming the biggest hunting grounds for recruiters for companies.

The most valuable IT certifications of 2016 were in cloud computing, solution architecture and network security. There are many new ones that are expected to come to the fore in 2017 as well, including enterprise application programming and mobile development. Start your IT career today with a certification that is sure to add instant value.

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