How to get set for your Job Interview

Get set for your Job Interview

The initial impact that you make in an interview matters a lot. We all know that the job market of today is plagued with intense competition and hence the very modalities involved in applying for a job have become increasingly difficult. Therefore, to say that a job interview has also become very competitive will not be incorrect.

A job interview is an important part of the job-search and job-selection process; and one has to do well in it, if one is really serious to bag an appointment. A small mistake on the part of a candidate implies that you are no more in the race and likewise, an odd good score in any phase of the interview will boost your prospects of getting the job.

This highlights the importance of good preparation for the job interview and the need to maintain an upbeat outlook. It has been established beyond doubt that a positive and sanguine disposition invariably helps you to get whatever you seek in your life, and a job interview is no exception.

There should be no doubt whatsoever that unnecessary anxiety and edginess leads to poor performance in an interview and failure to respond to questions intelligently. You will suffer anxiety before an interview, but you can always overcome it with appropriate preparation. So, the important question is, “How do you prepare well for a job interview?

Knowing oneself: You need to be well acquainted with your proficiency and dexterities; and how you can contribute towards discharging responsibilities associated with the job that you have applied for. In this context, you should know precisely what your basic capabilities and plusses are, including positive personality traits. You should also be familiar with whatever you have mentioned in your resume, particularly achievements that you may have mentioned therein. It is quite likely that an elucidation may be sought from you. Knowing yourself would imply creating an all-inclusive individual statement as applicable to you.

Familiarity with the job: A very important constituent of the preparation for a job interview is the conduct of detailed research of the job applied for. It has been seen that many people have no idea of what their role implies. It is inescapable for you to know what your functions will generally be like, the skill-sets that are vital and the proficiency that an employer is on the lookout for. You must have a job description in your possession so that you get to know the core competencies necessary for the job. Such knowledge will facilitate your preparation and enable you to answer interview questions with confidence.

Knowledge about the employer: Many interviewers begin by seeking to know if you know about the company or not. They also try to find out if you have knowledge of their products and services. Failure to respond properly obviously sends negative signals about the preparation done and interviewers wonder if you will be able to continue if selected. Besides gaining knowledge of the company, you should also gather maximum knowledge of the industry in which you have applied for a job. As a matter of fact, your knowledge serves to convey your eagerness to join the company

Logistical planning: This point is of great importance and should not be discarded. Many people forget to do logistic planning as a result, they land up at the venue late on account of several reasons, notable ones being time planning, and commuting. There is no harm in undertaking a trial journey. As a thumb rule, you should plan to be there at the inter-view venue about fifteen minutes prior to the time communicated to you.

Personal appearance & staging. This point needs no emphasis and most people adhere to it. However, you must remember that though the choice of clothes to be worn is contingent on the job per se, it is always safe to be dressed in attire that is a step above what company workers generally wear. When you appear for a job interview, your clothes should be conservative, clean, and well-ironed.

You ought to remember that nailing a job interview is all about preparation. But there should be no over-preparation; you must be yourself. It is important that you do not sound scripted when replying as this can make your answers sound unnatural and over-mannered. You should not regard your job interview as an examination where a pass or a fail has consequences attached. On the contrary, it should be regarded as simply a business meeting where you and your interviewer explore the likelihood of joint collaboration. Like in every meeting, creating the right impact matters and should be your eventual objective. You should be able to present a unique selling proposition that calls out, “Your wait is over! I have come.”

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