How you would benefit from a postgraduate course at this time?

After graduation, Steve and Jessica, my best friends for years, decided to pursue a postgraduate degree in management studies. Both completed the course from the same MBA College and believed to join any company at almost the same salary package. On completion of the course, Jessica ended up with an excellent job offer at hand, while Steve kept struggling in the competitive job market.

What went wrong with Steve or rather how different was Jessica’s strategy that gave her an edge in the job scenario with the same qualification?

These days, people have easy access to education than before. With every job applicant holding a degree, it becomes more challenging to make your degree stand in the competition.

Any postgraduate degree earned will not be rewarded much unless you are able to sell your skills in the right way. A true winner is a person who gives emphasis on what is learned and how to deliver real-world examples. Dreaming to become the first choice of every employer is not enough. You have to do something more.

In a competitive job market, holding a postgraduate degree helps to add credentials to your CV. If you wish to pursue a career in a specialized field, it becomes mandatory to study at the postgraduate level. This could give you a competitive edge over other undergraduate job applicants. However, when nowadays every job applicant holds a postgraduate degree, the question remains-“how to use your credentials to make you stand out?”

Here is what Jessica followed, so can you


Analyze…. but what? It is important to give emphasis on what you have learned during your course of studies; how you are different from others and do you now possess skills that can benefit your future employer? Analyze if you can demonstrate what you have learned and how much you have improved your knowledge, experience, and skill in your chosen field of study.

Gain real-world experience

Try to gain experience in your chosen field as it makes you understand the difference between workplace reality and academic theory. Considering a part-time job is a possible option to work on this suggestion. This will help you to develop the skills required in real-world situations. Internships also make you add experience to your CV.

Customize job application

Tailoring your job application to postgraduate knowledge and experience is a perfect method to outshine. Focus on highlighting the course elements that helped you to develop certain important skills.

Varied background

An employee with varied background is a huge attraction for an employer. Widening your background with more than one degree acts as a huge asset to add value to your post-graduation degree. An employee is expected to perform different roles, and therefore, a background in another field supports your postgraduate degree.

Be precise in a job interview

Postgraduates who are confident to articulate the knowledge gained during the extensive years of study can clearly outshine in a crowd. Be precise in job interviews and relate your experience as well as skills with the job offer.

Be realistic

To stand out in the job market, be confident yet realistic. There should be enthusiastic to start your career on a positive note. Develop the ability to present you as the perfect “product” for the company.

Once you understand the art of spelling out to the recruiter that why hiring your postgraduate degree will benefit the company, there will be several job opportunities waiting for you!

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