Karolina Bielawska from Poland is New Miss World, USA Shree Saini 1st Runner-Up

Miss World 2021 winner name and photo: Karolina Bielawaska from Poland won the crown of Miss World 2021 at the 70th edition of the beauty pageant at San Juan, Puerto Rico. The new Miss World 2021 winner has beaten Indonesia, the USA, Mexico, Northern Island, and Cote d’Ivoire to win the Miss World crown. Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica who is a Miss World 2019 crowned her successor at the finale.

In Miss World 2021, USA’s Shree Saini and Olivia Yace of Cote d’Ivoire emerged as the first and the second runners-up, respectively.

According to missworld.com, the new Miss World 2021 winner Karlina Bielawaska is very passionate about the voluntary work that she is involved with. Karolina’s Beauty with a Purpose project ‘Zupa an Pietrynie’ provides constant help to the homeless people at the time of the crisis. It also raises awareness of this problem and fights against social exclusion. 

Miss World 2021 winner, every Sunday, prepares hot meals, sandwiches, hot drinks, food packages, and medical support for around 300 homeless people and those in need. 

Who is Karolina Bielawaska; Miss World 2021 winner

Karolina Bielawaska of Poland has been crowned the new Miss World 2021 winner. Karolina is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Management and wishes to further pursue her PhD. Currently, Karolina has been working as a model and she hopes to become a motivational speaker. The new Miss World 2021 winner enjoys swimming and scuba diving and playing badminton and tennis. 

Poland’s Karolina Bielawaska has also furthered her support for the homeless community by organising a pop-up COVID vaccination center as many of the homeless people were unable to register for the vaccine as they do not have ID cards. 

According to the Miss World 2021 winner, it was important to make them feel safe and also to feel equal by having the opportunity to receive the vaccine. 

Miss World 2021 contestant India

As the winner of Miss World 2021 was announced earlier today in Puerto Rico, India’s Manasa Varanasi, who was representing the country at the 70th edition of the beauty pageant failed to make it to the top 6. Mansa Varanasi was included in the list of top 13 at the 11th position. 

Manasa Varanasi making it to the top 13 contestants came almost three months after India’s Harnaaz Sandhu brought home the Miss Universe 2021 crown after 21 years. 

In 2020, Manasa Varanasi won the Femina Miss India where she represented Telangana. Manasa was also crowned as Femina Miss Indian World 2020.

Miss Universe 2021 Winner: India’s Harnaaz Sandhu crowned Miss Universe 2021 after 21 years

Miss World 2021: List of Top 6 contestants

S. No.

Miss World 2021 Top 6 contestants


1 Shree Saini United States
2 Karolina Bielawska  Poland
3 Carla Yules Indonesia
4 Karolina Vidales Mexico
5 Anna Leitch Northern Ireland
6 Olivia Yace Cote d’Ivoire

Miss World 2021 winner: List of Top 12 contestants

S. No.

Miss World 2021 Top 12 Contestants


1 Đỗ Thị Hà Vietnam
2 Karoline Vidales Mexico
3 Anna Leitch Northern Island
4 Tracy Perez Philippines
5 Karolina Bielawska Poland
6 Khadija Omar Somalia
7 Shree Saini United States of America
8 Andrea Aguilera Colombia
9 Karolina Kopincova Czech Republic
10 April Benayoum France
11 Manasa Varanasi India 
12 Carla Yules Indonesia
Olivia Yace Cote d’Ivoire

Miss World 2021

Miss World 2021 marks the 70th edition of the prestigious beauty pageant which was conducted during a span of 40 days through December 2021. Over 90 contestants from all over the participated in the contest, however, the finale was postponed because of the COVID outbreak among the staff and the contestants. India’s Manasi Varanasi was among the contestants who had tested positive for COVID.

The jury panel of Miss World 2021 included CEO of Miss World Organisation Julia Morley, Miss World 1986 Giselle Laronde, and British novelist, author, and columnist Patrick Robinson, among others. 

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