Knowledge of the Education During The Renaissance Period

Knowledge of the Education During The Renaissance Period

Renaissance period The Renaissance was a great cultural movement that began and is a leech or early thirty perkins that spread to other countries under the leadership of the 14th century and Kebe-don and around 1600 Thor’s clothing came from the Latin word grandmother Were.

Here we need to actively support this period, also known as the Rebirth of the 30s, during this period many European scholars study classical antiquity.

Classical antiquity is the culture of ancient Greece in Rome that studies your culture and makes it a model because they believe that the civilization of ancient Greece and Rome excelled in such subjects.

An outstanding contribution of the Renaissance is the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg which enabled the rapid flow of information and led to the spread of new ideas. Another movement that took place during REM stands as Humanism Humanism.

The most important intellectual movement of the Renaissance, it blended concern for the history and actions of human beings with religious concerns. There are two types of humanism, Italian humanism and Northern humanism. is to free.

Their agencies of education are low or primary school occupations for early secondary schools; the schools were equivalent colleges, but later became elementary schools when universities adopted humanism and finally universities that later as a value to humanistic education, developed.

During this period scholars were students who studied Greek and Roman classics, much human interest in the manners of nature, the world and many others. Their methods of instruction were less in lectures and more in writing and reading books.

He emphasized the development of self-expression and the power of things, outstanding contributions to Italian humanism include the founding of secondary schools, laid the foundation for modern academic freedom and the application of individual differences, advocated by Victor in the default rate. had.

The first modern and professional teacher The next type of humanism is Northern Humanism or Social Humanism, the Renaissance entered northern Europe in the middle of the 15th century, aimed at reforming society.

To improve social relations and democratize education to make education accessible to all sections of society they have three agencies of education before going to high schools, pupils had to go through primary school.

Secondary schools were very important for humanistic education and were open only to male students. Universities were encouraged by kings, queens and rulers, some well-known universities work at the University at Ambridge Oxford and Wittenberg, remembering their methods of education. There were more to keep.

He had religious education which is only strict discipline and terror among Sally students. Outstanding Contribution of Students Mystics of Northern Humanism Last Years Practice and Emphasis on Social Education

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