What changes should be made in education system

What changes should be made in education system

What changes should be made in education system in India? Education in India has been improving continuously over the past few years and the number of students is also increasing rapidly. However, the students are still not satisfied with the quality of education that is offered in Indian schools. Most of the times, the students are dissatisfied with the overall education system of India.

As per the International Education Organization (IEO) and World Education Organization (WEO), India is working to improve its lower and middle class education system. There are many policies involved in the education policy of the country. First of all, the government promotes education for economical development and secondly, it promotes education system to provide quality education to the students who cannot afford the fee tuitions in the mainstream institutions. Moreover, there are various other policies like grants for students, setting up of various trusts, etc. All these policies have been very helpful for the students but there are still some problems which need to be tackled.

The problem faced by most of the students is that they do not enjoy the kind of personal attention paid to them at the school. Unlike upper class students, the lower class students are left with more academic demands and their workloads are much heavier than the ones for the upper classes. This has been one of the biggest deterrent for the students in continuing their higher education in India. Another major problem facing the students is the inability to get admission in the best college in India. Since most of the students have limited budget, they end up missing out on the better colleges in India and thus miss out on the chance of getting a better job.

This is a big challenge for all the politicians who are responsible for the education policy of the country. There have been several discussions regarding the education policy of India. Many leaders have suggested some changes to the existing education policy. However, the question that always crops up in everyone’s mind is that why the education policy must be changed?

The prime reason behind the increased enrollment in higher education institutions is the government’s education policy. The government has been offering attractive scholarships and grants to the students who want to pursue higher education in India. Thus, the students have no other choice but to enter into higher education institutions as there is no financial aid available for them if they opt out of higher studies.

However, this policy has also been the cause of great disruption in the lives of the students. Due to the availability of the scholarships and grants, many people have been diverted from the path of higher education and choose courses that do not help them meet their financial needs. Thus, this has also been a major factor behind the poor performance of the education system in the country. The government needs to change its education policy and make it more rational and realistic so that students get the support they require to complete their studies and go on with their careers. Otherwise, things will only turn from bad to worse as students from the weaker sections of the society will be compelled to join the more competitive and costly universities.

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