What is the most popular field in psychology for a career today?

Have you ever thought of consoling a depressed person through counseling? Wanted to know someone through their behavior and appearance, or nurture a passion for understanding human nature and tendencies, then Psychology might be a good career option for you. Psychology offers a wide variety of specialized areas, however, clinical and counseling are the most preferred by aspiring psychologists.

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As more and more youngsters are opting for a career in psychology as a desire to help people overcome problems and understand the minute complexities of the human mindset. Here, are a few fields of psychology that might be of your interest.

Clinical Psychology: It is one of the largest subfields of psychology. It deals with problems pertaining to mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism. It also enables problem-solving tactics, the psychologist advises the counselee to be maladjusted and they often work with individuals, children, families, couples, or small groups.

Counseling Psychology: The ability to help and motivate others and to provide guidance in order to grow a person as an individual is what counseling deals with. “Many youngsters prefer counseling as a better career option since it is a form of social work, it doesn’t deal with serious problems rather it provides guidance in emotional and personal stresses like the inability of a student to concentrate on studies and difficulties experienced in relationships are usually dealt in this field” informs associate professor of LAD College, N Elkunchwar.

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School Psychology: This field requires special attention towards school-going children and their inability to adjust or learn in educational institutions. It is concerned with testing the intelligence, aptitudes, and interests of students. School psychologists also deal with dyslexic and spastics children.

Educational Psychology: Psychologist, Garima Sapre, informs that it is distinguished from school psychology, as it deals with teaching and learning techniques. Most of the career counselors are found to be from this field. They guide the young minds to learn in which their interest lies the most.

There are other branches of psychology such as Human engineering, Industrial and Organizational psychology among many others where one can learn in theoretical, applied, and research fields. This shows that many careers options are available to those who specialize in psychology. Psychologists from any field utilize their knowledge to solve real-world problems, to spread positive vibes and it provides depth understanding of the cognitive mind and thought process and insight to human behavior.

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Anyone looking for a career in psychology, it will not only provide a good salary but also well-respected reputation in society. They will be approached first to provide help and guidance, whenever someone experiences troubles in their life.

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