What the youth values the most?

I think teaching is a great career for me as it allows me to take my former life experience and take it to a place which is much needed now so I took up teaching profession because I felt that this profession more socially meaningful. At the same time, the teaching profession also has a moral purpose.

I feel that being a teacher one can contribute a lot in the development of oneself and the society. As a teacher I often refer to my profession as an art, where I constantly strive to find effective ways to reach more students. The satisfaction I feel after having a good class is what motivates me. When students visit me year after year and tell their success stories, that’s what motivates me.

keep expanding your horizons

Finance and facilities were my biggest hurdles. Getting loans has become easier nowadays, but facilities are still a hindrance for many students’ approach towards teaching? My personal approach towards teaching is simple. The best method I’ve used is the Ansible class. I believe in doing justice to my profession.

The education sector is in a state of confusion. While the enrollment of students is low, on the other hand many private technical and management institutes are closed. There seems to be a huge gap between demand and supply.

Being impatient about things is dangerous

Understanding this better, there is a demand for “quality education“. We have a huge ‘volume of education’. This is the reason why the problem of unemployment has arisen.

I suggest that more practical training should be included in the curriculum. Sandwich pattern should be adopted with elective semesters of theory and practical. Practicals should not be theory based but should be experimental. There should be more emphasis on research and development.

Today’s youth is full of energy and talent. They are curious and ready to perform. They are ready to accept the changes. But they are also impatient and lack foresight. We are more creative and smarter than we were at his age. We can achieve “Make in India” only if their creative ideas are given the right shape. Today’s youth know how to “bend like Beckham”, but they don’t know “how much did Beckham bend it?”

Wake up and don’t stop till the goal is achieved

A piece of advice for them… I would advise the students to align their energy and thoughts towards achieving positive goals. If we ask them what do you want to be? why do you want to be To achieve your goals and dreams but try to give something back to the society. How do you want to become an engineer? When do you practice engineering? Practice it fairly and honestly within a specified time.

Career and excellence in life are two different things. In the race for excellence, either career becomes our life or life becomes our career. Students usually take this approach “I want to live so I will earn and the means by which I earn becomes my career”. I would suggest patience and foresight and having the following attitude.

“I want to live, so I will learn and I will turn my education into earnings”. The biggest mistake today’s youth make is that they start with change and don’t listen. They see what they see, without scratching the surface. There are wounds they haven’t discovered yet and history they haven’t been told.

Smart work can never replace hard work

Your personal mantra for success in life and career. Always remember that no profession brings with it guaranteed success unless you follow the right formula. What defines our success is completely subjective as to what we want to be in life. My personal mantra is to accept, adapt and achieve. One must learn the art of accepting situations, adapting them to their personally adapted ways and achieving their goals.

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