What to do if you are failing at your job | How to fail job interview

What to do if you are failing at your job

Hello friends today we are topic is What to do if you are failing at your job | How to fail job interview so let’s get start. A human being finds it difficult to cope with any rejection, and the issues related to a job rejection invariably turn out to be more challenging. This is primarily on account of seeming anguish related to finances and sustenance. If you happen to get rejected for a job that you applied for and even faced an interview for it, the concerns will largely be your fear of not being able to get a similar one again. The feelings of negative responses are particularly drawn attention to if, during probation or internship, you fail to impress your employers.

The manner in which you handle job rejection is contingent on a variety of issues. But the critical point to remember is that you should not take it as your own personal humiliation. Your rejection is in no way an indication of your failure or incapability; it has just happened that someone a shade better than you was also in the race and he won. Your rejection should thus tell you that you will fit better in some other job or post and that the future holds out better prospects for you.

Besides taking into account the above, it is also very important to view it from the correct perspective. All hirers go into a variety of aspects before taking a final decision on whom to select and whom to reject. You cannot influence ninety-nine percent of all such deliberations. Your selection or rejection may not be entirely dependent on your submitted resume or your appearance, they do matter a lot. You ought to understand this aspect well so that you are better prepared to handle all outcomes.

You must also introspect and ask questions to yourself. This should not be a quizzing session at all, but just a preparation for the interview that you are to face in the coming future. Rather than you do the quizzing, any of your close friends can also question you. To farewell at the next interview, you need to recall whatever transpired at your last interview. The following four questions should invariably be asked:

1- Are there any issues that you could have tackled differently?
2- What is the special manner in which you could have possibly reacted?
3- What is the type of experience that you have with your credit?
4- In what manner will you be superior now?

There is no harm if you appr5oach the employer concerned and request reasons for rejection. While most organizations do not tell you the reasons for rejection, some would oblige. You will thus get to know particular qualifications or attributes that you did not focus on for acquisition. It is possible that the selected candidate was more qualified than you. But all said and done, you will get to know your shortcomings if any so that you can improve upon them.

Today, you have career specialists and counselors who can advise and guide you; you can also enroll for appropriate coaching to get a job. These counselors and coaches will apprise you about the employment scene and the best job for which you can apply. But that should not be your sole objective. You should actually aim to boost your own self-confidence so that you can face an interview well. It should be understood that rejection is a normal and common constituent of any job search.

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