Who introduced English education in India

Who introduced English education in India

It was the British who introduced English education in India. However, it was the Indian government under the guidance of the then ruler Narayan Murthy who welcomed this educational revolution. The first step towards English education in India was made by the British after the freedom. The whole nation got involved in this education revolution. The government encouraged foreign education and taught in English as a compulsory subject.

Many people from all over the country including China were transported to the country after Partition. English is one of the most widely used languages and there was a great demand for imparting English education to people from all parts of the country. Later on, the demand for education got more intense and the curriculum was changed. English was introduced as an elective course. Earlier, there was no requirement to opt for English education but many preferred to do so after independence. Later, the demand for English education got more intense and it became mandatory to go for English education.

It was the Second World War that changed everything. People thought that English education had become important because the government wanted the soldiers to speak the language. English is taught to the recruits in the army. Some of the colonies like Australia too started to teach English as a compulsory language.

English education became very important in the Middle East too. This is when Arab and Islamic cultures adopted this mode of education. Arabic was spoken in the United Kingdom and many people from the Middle East obtained education here. Later on, the West Asian countries such as Pakistan and India started adopting English education.

In the 20th century, there were more developments in English education. With the advent of electronic media, English education started spreading all over the world. English is now the fifth most used language. Millions of people use English to communicate with each other. A lot of businesses and companies depend on English speakers to expand their market share.

English language is not only spoken by English speaking people but it is used in many other industries also. There are many international banks and multinational companies which have their branches in India. English is their mode of communication and so they require English education for their employees. In short, English is the language of the world and we cannot deny its importance and the fact that it is compulsory to learn it whether you are in India or not.

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