Who is Education Minister of India now

Education Minister of India 2021

Taking charge he is the new minister for education and also the skill development minister which is the clubbing of ministries and of course once again a very important change in the key departments in the team 2.0 of the modi government is the new team which is From there you can see Dharmendra Pradhan taking over the charge of Skill Development Minister as Education Minister.

And of course this ministry is going to be very important in the next few months and of course it is always important but it becomes of vital importance keeping in mind that covid throws a completely different set of new challenges Have given.

You saw what happens during class 12 exams, Supreme Court had to intervene. There is litigation going on in the country on various competitive exams, most of the experts are of the view that yes we need one in case of pandemic The way policy disrupts education in our country.

Do not join us on the broadcast Dharmendra Pradhan taking over as the Minister of Education and Skill Development and a very important mystery in the post-pandemic world Anusha has given the fact that she has completely changed education in the last year. Has been.

a lot of work needs to be done on this or so since kobe 19th irish mostly in irish now we are seeing education happening in online format in a non physical format at least for some time so the question of digital divide is there A lot belongs to the youth as far as education is concerned.

So this is something that the education minister will definitely have to deal with separately and the very important new education policy yes and implement it uh because since the new education policy was launched, it is slow given the pandemic you said It was done, but it is very important that uh this is a good policy.

Because experts are of the view that implementing it is also going to be the responsibility of the new education ministers now, so there are two important points that you mentioned is there a post-pandemic world or even Even during the pandemic when we are living our education system which is heavily dependent.

The final annual examinations and on the mark after the pandemic proved that we need an alternative system class 12 exams for the first time in history, the central government had to come up with a different formula, sharing it with the Supreme Court of India. Do it.

One of the major challenges for the next one or two years is that the way education is imparted, the way students are assessed, if that is disrupted, then there should be a coherent policy in place. She has actually been in the workshop Remember education minister or former education minister now Ramesh Pokhriyal I was not sleeping properly since last few days.

he also had a lot of postcode complications uh so now the work needs to be accelerated uh uh really uh earlier today dharmendra pradhan the new education minister interacted with the media and he said the work has already started and uh Implementation of new education policy will indeed top the list but yes as you mentioned that Anusha education has now changed in the post pandemic world.

Whereby mass education is taking place in an online format which is why uh confusion has arisen, this is the first time not only India but any government has dealt with how you can find out that you Know strictly online only online.

And of course the other problem in India is the digital divide. A large part of the country doesn’t have access to the internet, so as I mentioned, it’s also seen a lot of dropouts, that’s something he hopes the new minister You will also address many tasks.

As far as the new Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan is concerned during the pandemic and a post pandemic world there are various challenges and of course the Ministry of Education will be the nodal authority to tackle all these challenges, Ranjan please stay with us.

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