Who started English education in India?

Who started English education in India

Who started English education in India? The subject has been around for centuries and it was a British institution that actually started the idea. The first thing that happened was the Second Schedule Education Act. This Act made English available to all through the British Raj. Before this Act though, English was taught only to those persons who had Indian citizenship or were already subjects of the Indian Royal Government.

English education in India has evolved since then. There are numerous other educational institutes as well that have added the subject to their lists of courses. Today, almost every University in India offers the course. You can get admission in almost all the leading institutes of India including IIT Delhi, IIFT Delhi, JNU, and many more. Most of the educational institutes have the help of distance education and you can complete your education even from your home.

There are various reasons that have contributed to the success of English education in India. The first one is the attitude of the population. People who speak English can easily mix with other people of different races and cultures. Indians in particular are very friendly. You can find a lot of friends here.

Another reason is the fact that the country itself is quite diverse. There are large numbers of states in the country which are not very far from each other. Even if you live at the opposite ends of the country, you will still be able to meet people from there. So, it is easy for people to move from one state to another and this helped English education to spread faster.

English is an official language of more than twenty countries and the majority of them use English as the official language. This made it easy for many students who wanted to learn English to study here. They were also able to blend in better with the people and also made good contacts.

The most important thing is that English education in India also flourished during the Britishers were around. The British ruled India for a really long time and apart from learning the language, they maintained the ancient cultural values. Hence, it was no difficult for people to learn English here. The situation is the same now and the infrastructure is also the same.

The main reason for English not spreading any further is the ratio problem between the population and the educated class. In order to increase the ratio, you will have to make lots of efforts. The topography and the climate also plays a major part in the expansion of English. The coastal areas have been in the receiving end. It has been found that the literacy rate is almost half in these areas and only a small percentage of the children in these areas know English.

There is no doubt that English education had really made a mark on the country. Indians of all ages are increasingly using English. The government also has a target to improve the literacy rate and the percentage is also rising. The next target is to increase the percentage so that it can be said that English is truly making headway in India.

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