Why are communication skills important for success?

Communication is a procedure through which information is exchanged between individuals and groups. It is a cycle wherein individuals Endeavor to communicate their sentiments, purposes, and points in an obvious and exact way. Communications can be inferred to be successful if both the sender and receiver of any information comprehend them.

The secret to success – at work and in life is good communication. If you cannot communicate effectually, any message that you want to convey will be misconstrued. The misinterpretation can lead to exasperation and even a fiasco. In the extremely informational and technological atmosphere that prevails today, the need for people to possess effective communication skills has assumed importance like never before.

And with the stiff competition that exists at the workplace, any inability to communicate effectively is likely to retard the career advancement and social interactions of people.

How can you acquire good communication skills? The following actions by you can be immensely helpful:

Be clear about what you intend to convey & the reasons for it: You should know unmistakably the rationale and aim of what you want to convey. It is essential that you know the person to whom you are giving a massage and the reason for the same.

There will be several hurdles in your way like cultural dissimilarities that will invariably warrant reflection. It will not be out of place for you to seek to know from yourself the result of your communications as also the impact that you wish to make.

Mastering compassionate communications

Decide on the manner in which you will communicate: It is a well-known fact that the content of your message apart, the manner in which you convey it is important too. When you make eye contact while speaking, you arouse faith. You ought to be aware that non-verbal communications convey more than words and hence it is necessary to be mindful of your body language.

Through your body language, you can convey your amenability and reception or indifference and disinclination towards what others have to say. If your body language is positive, the communication exchange is always suave. Therefore, it is inescapable for you to converse in a supportive and friendly tone. You must make It a point to not be disparaging and condemnatory in your speech. Be a patient listener: All communications are two-way affairs.

Having said whatever you had to, you must give a pause to listen to others and watch for indications that you have been understood. You have to guard against any impulsive reaction to stop others from speaking so that you have more time to speak or make a point. It is only when others have nothing more to say that you should proceed further to raise unlocked queries and promote the tete a tete. If required, you can buff up whatever you have said:

Arrive at accord, concord & unanimity: Having enjoyed an opportunity to deliberate your message and get a response on it, you must re-examine the purpose of your dialogue. Have you been able to find a middle-ground, solution to an enigma, or clear your stance?

In order to affect good communications, you have to understand others and likewise, you yourself have to be comprehended. You have to make certain that whatever you intended to convey has been done appropriately and doubts if any have been assuaged.

It is likely that there will be total agreement on what you have stated, under such circumstances, voicing your disagreement, will not be out of place. An exchange can still be fruitful if norms of cordiality and respectfulness are not violated. To be able to achieve the above, you need to have a good knowledge and mastery over language your vocabulary needs to be regularly expanded.

You have to be a good listener, in that you will have to process everything put across by others before reacting or countering. It is essential that you be unbiased in your approach and possess the capability to view things from the viewpoint of others. You also need to guard against any attempt to bring in emotions in your communications because do so will render them subjective.

When you spare time to improve and secure your communication skills, you throw yourself wide open for excellent relationships and additional career prospects. You also get to boost your buoyancy and self-assuredness in the process. The degree of mutual understanding that you strike with others is of high order and helps you in accomplishing your objectives.

No new skill can be acquired and sharpened up overnight. However, repeated endeavors will definitely result in polished skills. You must take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that at critical junctures, you will not be found wanting in the skills, grace, acuity, precision, and feelings to impact other people. After all, practice makes a man perfect.

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