Why did you choose teaching career for high school

Teaching is one of the best professions since it is immune to recession. No matter where the economy is heading, no government can ever think or dare to cut down budget on education. They understand that without education, the country would never be able to progress and keep up with the rest of the world.

This is one reason that every year millions of teaching professionals are hired in the United States, and their demand just keeps growing by 6% . If you are thinking of taking a teaching profession, you have done a smart thing. Whether you are an elementary school or a high school teacher, you can progress in your teaching career if you are aware about the many possibilities.

Expand Your Role

Whether in public or private schools, every effort is made to keep competent teachers. If you have the spark in you, your schools will surely offer you additional role that you can easily handle it along with teaching. This will also help you add a few dollars to your salary.

Besides, the satisfaction of contributing to the school and students’ progress will be high. You can take up the role as a mentor or contribute your skills in developing curriculum. As a mentor, your experience would be quite valuable to less-experienced teachers.

You can be a role model and teach them how to develop lesson plans, and interact with students, parents, and the school management. You may also share your teaching style with them so that they can take reference and improvise on it. There are also possibilities of advancing your career if you start taking up extra classes and prepare a large group of students for state, national, or global competition.

Head of Administrative Department

Administration is important for smooth and effective running of schools, be they public or private. To handle the administration department, schools employ individuals who have administrative skills and leadership qualities. These individuals may or may not be from a teaching background.

But their contribution to the schools is at par with teachers. If you are comfortable in handling multiple roles and want to advance your career, you can take up the role as an administrative department head. The experience that you will gain looking after the school administration affair will open avenues for a similar position at a collegiate level.

Of course, teachers who perform dual roles are paid a little extra than those who just stick to a single role, which is teaching.

School Administrator

If continuous teaching through different grades is quite tiring for you, then why not be a school administrator. You can choose the school administrator role as per your interest. In this job category, there are options to become a principal, vice principal, or a director of a particular department such as sports, drama and culture, and fundraising.

Any of these positions are offered to individuals who have teaching experience. However, you need to raise your education from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree. For interested teachers, many state universities offer master’s degree programs in educational administration.

School Counselor

This is another rewarding and satisfying career for high school teachers. You can assist students in dealing with educational and domestic stress as a counsellor. School are aware that many students face education stress that hampers their learning abilities.

You can help such students by earning a degree in school counseling or psychology. This is one best way to advance your career as it involves a hike in pay as well as tremendous mental satisfaction. Your contribution to the education system as a school counselor is as valuable as of the teachers.

By being a school counselor, you will be an integral part of the education team. You can assist students in building academic, personal, and social skills as well as determining the best career path for them. What’s good about this role is that you will be free of preparing classroom schedule, attendance register, and checking papers.

College Professorship

High school teachers can advance their career by taking the same role at a collegiate level. Of course, you need to specialize in any one of the subjects taught in colleges. To take up a teaching role in a college, a master’s degree in the subject area of your interest is necessary.

You can also take an extra job as a college professor. Opportunities to moonlight for this role are easily available with community colleges. This way, you can supplement your income and take care of your rent or other expenses.

University Professorship

If teaching is your passion, and you want to retire in this same profession, there is another career advancement opportunity for you in university professorship. For that, you need to hold a doctorate. There are also exceptions in some universities if you choose to a professional faculty.

For example, professors teaching law will not hold a doctorate. They may have a certification or experience in law. However, you need to hold mastery in the academic field. Most importantly, as a university professor, you must have strong aptitude for research and analysis.

Teaching is indeed a satisfying profession no matter whether you are taking it in an elementary or a high school, or college, or a university. You can derive a huge amount of satisfaction from being in this profession and retire as well. There are also possibilities as mentioned above to advance your teaching career as a high school teacher, if you are passionate about teaching.

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