Why do interviews stress me out?

Conjecture this. You’re in front of an interview panel, and there are a few people in suits across the table with a stiff manner who aren’t emanating the friendliness you expected. The uncertainty that you are face to face with notwithstanding, your loss of poise is evident when your throat goes dry, sweat drops trickle from your forehead and you start tripping over your tongue.

For most job-seekers, a job interview is a source of infinite pressure and anxiety. The following basic tips can help you sail through your interview despairs and anguishes:

Prepare, practice & rehearse: Aristotle said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” The same applies to an interview Your own self-awareness is the basic tenet of a successful interview recipe. But equally important is your knowledge of the job and the organization that you wish to join.

You must gather as much information about them as possible. It is necessary that you should visualize yourself as a central and spirited jigsaw piece by virtue of the exclusive skills and qualities that you can bring to bear on your particular job. Only then you can think of the possible responses to possible interview questions. The answers that you conclude should be rehearsed and adapted to various circumstances till such time they are perfect in all respects.

Have a beaming and cheery face: What sunshine is to flowers, a smile is to people. Besides making you appealing to the interviewing panel, a smile on your face will serve to initiate a conversation and make you motivated. You must aim to smile as sincerely and as many times it may be possible; you will realize that you will make the environment bright and the interviewers will also imbibe an upbeat disposition for you.

Be knowledgeable about your own subject: You need to be well-versed with everything related to you. When you sit in front of an interview panel, remember that the people across the table would have perused your resume and may ask you questions related to the information that you have provided.

So, at that moment if you mumble or fumble, you will stand exposed. If you have indicated experience in your resume, you should have the necessary confidence to believe that you indeed are the best and should thus be able to all queries satisfactorily. Your confidence will manifest itself when you display that you are better than the interviewers, but of course with modesty and sans any haughtiness.

Wear the hat of the interviewer: Having been shortlisted for an interview is an achievement by itself and that you have been found to be a worthy candidate for employment. You must assure yourself that the thorny part of the job search is all over and the present opportunity is just a dais from where you could possibly take a leap ahead. And when you wear the hat of an interviewer and imagine being in firm control of the interview process as such, you will be able to respond to all questions so that you are found to be the best and most suitable.

You can even go a step further and imagine that you have been already been selected and the current interview is an attempt to know the interviewer who is just a colleague. Thus, you will be able to alleviate the pressures of the current time and reveal your true work personality and other abilities, including interactive knacks.

Believe the interviewers are more strained than you: This method is subscribed to by people to ease their own tensions and to remind themselves the interviewer could be tenser than you if he or she is relatively inexperienced. If that happens to be a reality, you can direct your efforts at reducing the visible stress in the hall.

You will have to convey an impression that like the other person or persons, you too are equally affected and concerned and that the purpose of both sides will be served well if the interview session is made as hassle-free as possible.

Don’t lodge yourself in your slipups: An incorrect response to a question should not upset you. You need to get over it and you can definitely do so fast. You should not pay much heed to what transpired and recapture your poise by quickly resorting to damaging control and getting ready for the next question. It is necessary that you maintain a professional demeanor throughout the interview and guard against falling into any premeditated interview trap, including making any unintended detrimental remarks.

You need to be smart enough to side-line any incorrect responses and compensate them by coming out with good responses to other questions that follow Interview stress is generally influenced by our suppositions and postulations. Anxiety can be reduced by recognizing and counteracting anxiety-provoking ideas. Remember that an interview is a two-way affair. You too are interviewing the employer just as they are interviewing you.

And if you do get selected, you will be spending at least half of your waking day at the job that you are being interviewed for. Therefore, rather than succumbing to stress, you should focus on success.

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