Why woman education is important

Why woman education is important

Why woman education is so important for the future of women? Educating women in communities is no longer sufficient. The time has come for governments and other organizations to realize that women have far more potential than men. Statistics are beginning to show that men are starting to loose ground in several areas. There have been some encouraging developments over the past few decades, including an equal opportunity in education, an end to violence against women, and greater political participation by women. But are there any more steps that need to be taken?

One of the reasons why woman education is so vital is because it leads to early age when girls are more likely to earn and pursue higher education. It also ensures that many girls are able to live an independent life with the financial security that can only be earned through higher education at an early age. A four year college is often a very expensive endeavor for single mothers. And even married women usually have to take at least two jobs to support their families.

But even in those situations, many girls drop out before completing secondary school. Some do so because of family reasons or a lack of funds, while others are forced to drop out because of violence in the community or the inability to receive an education in the traditional schools. Many girls in poverty are denied an education because they lack the financial means to fund their primary school, let alone their secondary school. That is why woman education is so important. By providing them with the resources they need to continue their education in their communities, we can improve the lives of these young women and help lift them out of poverty.

In rural areas, where there is little infrastructure and very few public schools, an educated woman is often the only person in the village who can attend primary school. Even if she is lucky enough to get some money to attend secondary school, there will still be a lot of expenses. The cost of books and learning materials, transportation and food make it impossible for a girl to pay for her education on her own. And if she is able to get some aid, it will be small and allocated only to a limited number of subjects. An educated woman is therefore one who has access to many resources, and she will be able to use them to her advantage to move up the social ladder and move from being a simple laborer to a well educated woman with a high profession.

By providing equal education to all girls, we can achieve our long-term goal eliminating poverty and promoting gender equality. This is not a goal which is easily achieved, since the majority of our population is still very poor and there are still very few woman in power. But the work of eliminating poverty and promoting gender equality should start in our households. That is the first step towards completing the unfinished work of our forefathers.

There is no better way of ensuring that your daughter gets a high quality education than by empowering her at a young age. And the best way to ensure that your daughter gets a high quality education is to provide her with a good and worthy cause – female education. Don’t let poverty, lack of resources and lack of support prevent you from gifting your daughter a chance to fulfill her destiny. Go ahead, empower your little girl now!

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